Hello Watt introduit une carte interactive pour faciliter l’accès au Diagnostic de Performance Energétique (DPE)

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TEST—–In recognition of the growing importance of the Energy Performance Diagnosis (EPD) in the context of the Climate and Resilience law, Hello Watt, the service dedicated to energy renovation for individuals, is launching an innovative interactive map. Objective: to allow French people to easily find the DPE of their home, simply based on their address. In addition, the interactive map also offers the possibility of comparing the DPE of one’s own home with those of neighboring homes, giving unprecedented visibility on energy performance at the scale of a district. Decryption!

About two thirds of French people are unaware of the DPE of their residence

In a surge of fight against thermal colanders , it should be known that the law prohibits, since August 25, 2022, the increase in rents to the owners of real estate classified F or G. According to the Maison Ecolo avis , the war against colanders thermals is resolutely launched! This is the first measure before a total ban on lettings in 2025 for properties classified G. This ban will then extend to properties classified F in 2028, then E in 2034. In total, these provisions will affect 7 .2 million housing units, or 19.5% of the housing stock. In addition, since last April, owners must submit to an energy audit when selling a property.

In this context, knowledge of the Energy Performance Diagnosis (EPD) of your home becomes key, whether you are a seller, owner, buyer, tenant or simply concerned about your energy consumption. That said, nearly two-thirds of French people, 58% more precisely, do not know the energy index of their home. Tenants, who are supposed to receive this information as soon as the accommodation is rented, are even more likely to ignore the result of the DPE.

Regarding the financial implications, several studies show that poor energy performance can reduce the value of an asset, with discounts reaching up to 15% for thermal colanders.

Instantly obtain a building’s energy rating using an interactive map

It is in this context that Hello Watt has launched a tool that is both quick and easy to use, in the form of an interactive map which makes it possible to identify the ECD of its dwelling, but also to navigate and examine certain important indicators of the DPE of neighboring accommodation. Particularly easy to handle, the tool allows you to immediately obtain your DPE label, simply by entering the address of the accommodation concerned. In addition, the map provides you with a set of additional information, including the area of ​​said dwelling, its year of construction, its classifications in terms of energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions, but also the method of construction. assessment used.

An estimation tool to determine the energy efficiency of your home

For homes that do not yet have DPE, Hello Watt offers a clever solution: a simulator capable of estimating the energy label of a home. This innovative start-up also offers recommendations on a series of profitable works to be undertaken in order to improve the energy performance of housing, adapted to its specificities. What sets this new tool from Hello Watt apart is not only its playfulness and practicality, but also its precision and breadth. To build its map, the start-up relies on a gigantic database, open to all, which includes the 4.5 million diagnoses made after July 2021 (date of application of the 3CL method), gathered by the DPE Observatory of ADEME.

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