Why go to live and work in London when you are French?

London Tower Bridge by night

London attracts many French people every year to enjoy the many tourist and cultural activities of the capital. But off the tourist trails, some people venture beyond and even decide to try their luck and look for a job in order to try the English way of life. There are many French expats there and it seems that many of them have found it beneficial. This is the case, for example, of Boris Lefebvre, who has been expatriated to London for more than a decade. Today he reveals his vision of London life as seen by a Frenchman.

Make progress in English

In order to learn a foreign language, there is no better way than to go to a country where this language is spoken by all these people. And when you are French, and you want to learn English, London seems to be the right solution because it is located nearby. Moreover, English being the most widely spoken language in the world, it will always be useful to be able to speak it well, with a perfect British accent.

Seize as many opportunities as possible

Obviously, a great capital can only be full of professional opportunities, each one more unique than the next. If you come to London for an internship you will probably meet people who will offer you a job, then another one and then a job, etc. Anything is possible in London, because everyone discusses everything with everyone. In addition, in the professional world, London is recognized as having a global influence in various fields such as finance, fashion, entertainment and the web.

Enjoy the city’s cultural richness

London is known as a city where you never get bored. So there are always a dozen incredible things to do. Between museums, shows, cultural events, parks, open-air events, you will always find an activity that will please you and open you to the richness of local culture, even after several months or several years spent there.

Discover new cultures and new people

The British capital is famous for its remarkable cosmopolitan character. Indeed, the city is clearly representative of the cultural mix in which the world is currently evolving. There are many different nationalities, between Indians, Europeans, South Americans or Jamaicans, there is no shortage of communities. And all these nationalities are intertwined through this city in perpetual motion. Thus, in addition to meeting real British people, London also lends itself to meeting people from all over the world.

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